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We're inviting young, vibrant creators in the Tallahassee, FL area who dance to the beat of their own drum to come and intern with us.

We are a small family-owned company, but we want to build a much larger collective, centered around our passions of building, artistry, business, generational wealth, and sustainability. We have Internship Positions open in Marketing, Business Administration, Architectural Design, Engineering, Art, and Construction. We are building a team of designers and professionals who are self-driven, motivated, and passionate to eventually join us permanently at creating the world we want. Are you a Sovereign at heart? Apply with us! We'll get back to you within 48 hours.



are only for the passionate.

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We want to make it possible for avid hobbyists to turn passions into professions at younger ages, so that they can find themselves and make contributions to the world while they are young enough to enjoy the results. We created our Makerspace Memberships for Creative types like you; real people, with real talent, searching for real freedom from the norm.

Read through the information below if you like the idea of becoming a Sovereign Maker, joining our Makerspace, and using your creative powers and your ideas to create the life, business, and partnerships that you want. 

Image by Devin Berko

A Space for the Makers of Tallahassee

When we decided to create a Makerspace, the idea was to build a workshop location that could accommodate a collaborative collective.... A collective that would serve as the conduit through which each member could manifest their goals with a strong team. Being the outliers, the dreamers, the misfits... caused us to visualize a social space for creatives long before the opportunity presented itself. 

Now that our Makerspace is a reality, we are offering positions in our makerspace for creatives in multiple genres. Right now, we are only accepting one maker per category. As we grow, we'll allow more creative hobbyists to join.

There are a few eligibility requirements to qualify for our makerspace. You have to be gainfully employed, a business owner, or a student/graduate of a degree program that directly relates to at least one of the following spheres of expertise:

Renewable Energy



Trucks and Motorcycles








3D Printing 



Herbal Remedies 



Graphic Designers

Fashion Design

Computer Engineering




Bring at least one stationary tool to the shop to be used as a part of your station for as long as you are a part of the Makers' group. Instead of leaving your hobbyist tools in storage, bring them to the station in the Makerspace that relates to your field of specialty. You can come and access it and use it at any time.  

Pay your Makerspace monthly fee. 

Follow these Makerspace rules.

Safety first.

Only Makers allowed in the Makerspace. We pay insurance for our makers to be here, but please, ask before trying to bring your friends. 

Follow OSHA Guidelines while completing projects in the Makerspace. 

No Drugs, Alcohol, Horseplay, Violence, Arguing, Gossip, Bullying, or Negativity within the Makerspace.

No pranks in the Makerspace.

Clean up after all spills properly according to what has spilled, and dispose of the cleaning utensils safely. 

If you need a tool and another maker is using it or in possession, be respectful and patient, and wait your turn. 

Do not borrow or take tools from the Makerspace.

Clean up your station after you complete a project or a session of time in the Makerspace. 

No inappropriate touching, conversation, or infringing upon a confirmed comfortable physical proximity. 

Commit to Collaboration... Show up once a month to the Makers Meeting.

Pay your dues on time monthly.

When you grow into your own shop, leave a replacement.

Agree to market the Makerspace and support your fellow makers.

Put on one makers event of your own per quarter.

Go to other makers' events.