Giving back, paying forward, and everything in between.

We want what we do as makers to affect our community, our country and eventually, our world. as we create and spread culture and heighten expectations in our region, we want to empower the communities here to eventually live up to those expectations with ease. Socio-economic disparities, children, the elderly, the less fortunate- we promote benevolence, and offer free programs to benefit the people.

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We run various initiatives and programs that help the community, and we need assistance and funding to keep these programs alive.


Bringing Big Tech to the Big Bend.

We are looking to expose more urban and inner-city youth to the possiblities of quantum computing, Meta-programming, Nanotechnology, Robotics, and other technological innovations. We  are creating an annual summer camp or children and young adults that introduces the subject of future innovations, and as a part of the tech camp, we will host a team robotics contest.


Our Independent Philanthropic Community Effort.

Project Sovereign is our attempt at giving back to the world, purely out of our desire to see things around us change for the better. We'll be tackling some of the oldest and most difficult issues, such as domestic violence, abandonment, homelessness, illiteracy and delinquency.


Let's find a place to build

We aim to make Tallahassee the source for single custom prefabricated shipping container and eco-friendly structures with off-grid and sustainable options, but our current build yard can only host one or two builds at a time. In order to make us the Silicon Valley of building, we'll need to have an accommodating build yard where we are able to maneuver our materials and equipment, complete prefabs, and prepare outgoing products for freight transport. We're accepting donations and investments for our new build yard location


Let's stay State-of-the-art, up-to-date, and cutting edge.

In the Makerspace, one of the most important factors in us being able to compete and produce parts and technology stateside is our acquisition of all the right tools and equipment. We want our Makerspace to operate eco-efficiently, seamlessly, and with the accommodations of the best technology in the business. This is going to take some companies donating to our cause, and individuals like you joining in to help.


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Fraternal Benefit Society

We are committed to the creation and management of a 501(c)8 dedicated to shared hobbies and outdoorsmanship, but above all created for the purpose of solving socio-economic and educational issues in disenfranchised communities. Through Project Sovereign, our first full non-profit program, we plan to maintain a facility that includes a domestic violence shelter, a co-op grocery store, a boarding school and permanent home for wards of the state, a trade training facility, a family life center, and a community garden. We plan to run this initiative as fully off-grid as possible, using state of the art technology and renewable energy. Your donations help us to get closer to the goal of finding the sponsors we need, building our facilities, and bringing the full idea to fruition.Join our online Group, or go to Facebook or GoFundMe to give to our cause.

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