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What Can We Make for You?

Our founder, Lee Anthony Williams, Jr., started his journey into building our Makerspace with wood first. The next medium that naturally followed was metal. Metal applications in both interior design and artistry result in some compelling and breathtaking pieces. We have learned over time to manipulate this durable material to fit our purposes in any number of ways. Tell us what you need us to design and create for you, and we will get to work.

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What We Offer

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Our blacksmiths forge anything you can imagine. We love to work with custom wrought iron orders. Maybe you have an ancestor that was a great warrior, and you'd like a sword made in their honor- or maybe you're just a nerd like us who likes swords a lot. We also smith for functional applications. Call us and tell us what we can design for you.

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Our welding partners are capable of just about anything. We make specialized brackets for extremely heavy wall pieces, we add accessories to vehicles and vehicle frames, we weld to plan, and we do metal art. Commission us for the projects you want to be made sturdy, sleek, and beautiful, and to stand the test of time.

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Machining and engineering metal parts to technology and equipment is a growing specialty of ours. As our Makerspace grows, we find that much of what we need, we can make. We are amalgamating the machines and equipment that it will take to make absolutely anything in the industry. Tell us what we can make for you.

Metal Engraving

Metal engraving is important to us, because we get the opportunity to add permanency to whatever quote or picture we place on your beautiful metal backdrop or surface. Whether you want your company logo on that steel table top or you want to make a large steel portrait that you haven't seen in anyone else's home or office, we're the Makers to get you there.

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We would love to create your next custom metal piece. Tell us about it in this form and we will be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

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