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Our Entryway Statement Pieces give you access to a lot more than just the other room.

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We specialize in live edge, but we make all kinds of doors.

Our Barn Door Options are second to none. We offer Single door mounts, double door mounts, custom dimensions, no-show hardware, double bypass and bi-fold hardware, river options, and local installation in the Big Bend. We can look for reclaimed wood and metal to accomplish our rustic and farmhouse doors, but we also retain the ability to source high-grade and custom material for high-end applications. Whatever we can’t find locally, we fabricate ourselves, or order domestically. The wood we source for live edge usually ranges from 20 to 300 years old and we are proud to purchase our hardware domestically from US makers or make our own custom hardware with U.S. steel and materials.  We ship our live edge barn doors and hardware nationwide. To get a quote, complete the form below, and we will contact you within 24-48 hours.

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What We Offer

Listed Below are all of the different Door Options we offer. Although we specialize in live edge, we are happy to be able to offer any kind of door our clients desire. If you're looking for something to turn up your design intensity a notch and you want to use your entry ways and access points to do it, we can help. put in an Inquiry, and Get Your Custom Quote.



Single Sliders add character to a room, are great for tight spaces with little room for a door swing, and can help define a theme. They also help hide areas with style. Our Barn doors provide simple solutions, so that what began as farmhouse fashion can transcend into brilliant solutions for tight spaces and creative minds.



Double sliders give an opportunity to add cohesiveness and symmetry to your space. Because the designs for double sliding barn doors span such a long length of a space, the design options open up tremendously to make the door into a statement piece, a centerpiece, a work of art, or a bold marketing feature. .



Double Bypass barn door options add functionality to the mix. With Double bypass doors, Clients get double the coverage, but at their resting position, the doors have the ability to only take up half of the space of a normal double door assembly. They can be pushed out of the way either way, for ease of access and a flowing floor plan.



Bi-fold doors are perfect for clients who desire the look and style of barn doors and barn door hardware, but do not have space on either side of the doorway to accommodate sliding hardware installation. These uncanny doors open out toward the person opening them and into the standing room.



Live Edge Slab Barn Doors are more than spatial coverage and access points. The age and nature of the wood brings with it an interior design experience. To master this natural element does not mean to take away its purpose. Trees are protectors, barriers, and connectors in nature, and they retain these features in application.



If you thought an epoxy river table was a statement piece, imagine the river door, with its translucent glass-like quality and its beautiful color and pigment choices. These doors say a lot about the room you're in, and the one you're going into. Our river options are available in single, double, quad double bypass, bi-fold, and custom options.



Barn Doors have become such a staple piece in interior design that a lot of people forgot where they got their start: outside, on barns! We make those extremely large, sturdy, secure doors that you can use for Exterior Access. We can make them out of materials of your choice, and we include heavy-duty weatherized outdoor hardware.



The Farmhouse genre of interior design was the first to embrace barn doors in interior application. Before the hanging slab on a rolling track was a high-end staple, it was just a simple space-saver with a cool functional purpose. We bring our clients all the way back to this origin of design when we make our farmhouse barn doors.



Includes Metal Designs, Pyrography, Fine Art Applications, Geometric Wood Designs, Concrete Designs, Tufted and Upholstered Designs, Glass and Mirrored Designs, Frosted Glass Designs, Ballistic and Security Designs, Branded and Trademarked Designs, Concealed Doors and access panels.

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