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Things to remember about how we price your project.

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Things to know about how to handle your payments.

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Pricing, Payment, Policies and Procedures: Clients


Pricing of your project can be based on one (or a few) of the following different factors:

Bundling Services

If you want more than one custom piece made, or more than one project completed, we can bundle our services together. When we bundle services, you save according to how much work we do on your behalf. 

Shop Availability

If you want a job rushed to meet a particular deadline, we will charge you an excess charge depending on our time constraints to complete our other projects, and according to the space we have available in our shop.

Estimated lead times are given out based on project requirements, craftsmen's availability, and the current project schedule for our technicians. 

We have official open and close times, but we complete different types of work, and sometimes we're required to be outside of the shop to get the job done. If you plan on stopping by, call first so that we can reassure you that we'll be there. We will answer during business hours, whether we're in the shop or not. 

Ballpark Figuring

Only our owners, Foremen, and Estimators are approved to give out ballpark figuring, and we like to stay away from this practice as much as possible. when dealing with a custom build, it is hard to give a ballpark number. research, design, and thought goes into each piece, and we need the  time to be absolutely positive about exactly how much you'll be paying. 

Time Requirement

Some of our work, like welding and certain vehicle labor, is charged by the hour, so we will be cognizant of this when giving you pricing. You will see information on your quote about the hourly expense. 

Een with projects that don't carry an hourly labor expense, we are conscious of the amount of time that it will take us to finish a project, and that is factored into the overall price. 

Market Value

Clients sometimes find pieces in retail markets, and because they know that the piece may be easily made out of low-grade materials, they expect us to make it for them for a little more than what they think the materials might cost. But we are a customs company, so much of what we make will out-value what you will purchase retail. Also, we don't sell pieces based on how much materials cost to make them, or how easy they are to make. We charge for them based upon their value in the market and how much they are available for.  

Additional Workload

Additional Workload to us is anything that we have to pay more for or do more to accommodate, that has to do with your custom build but is not the custom build itself. For instance, When we build an extremely large live edge conference table top, and it has to go to Memphis Tennessee, We have to build a wooden crate box for the table top and line it with protective material. It also needs to be lifted with a special kind of forklift, for which we have to pay extra to our freight partners, for both the pickup from us, and the dropoff to the client. The client is billed for the additional workload.  

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Upfront Payment

Any order where the labor is under $1,000 will require upfront payment. This standard is to ensure that the makers are able to purchase all material and/or pop up expenses on your behalf if needed. Upfront payment is accepted at any time on orders eligible for deposit.


All orders above $1,000 in labor qualify for a half upfront deposit. All deposits are non-refundable and takes care of all expenses required for your custom piece. In the near future, we will be offering financing options.

Financing Options

Sovereign is currently working to find the best financing options for our customers as you read this! 

Payment Methods

Sovereign welcomes several forms of payment including:

- Visa

- Mastercard

- American Express

- Discover


- Union Pay

- Paypal

- Cash

- Ca$hApp

All payments are non-refundable. 

Pricing, Payment, Policies and Procedures: Text


Here are some guidelines that determine how we do things:

Any Transaction priced above $1,000 requires a signed contract.

Any invoice for a custom item with labor costs below $1,000 must be paid upfront. 

Consultation Policy

Phone and Zoom Consultations are free of charge.

On-Site Interior Design Consultations Cost $75 per hour, and usually last 1-3 hours depending on the size of the home or unit, and the requirements of the client. 

On-Site Shipping Container Survey Consultation Costs vary, according to the size, scope, and location of the project. 

For Vehicle Customs, you must provide year, make, model, and condition to receive pricing. 

For Firearm Consultations, You are required to be prepared to properly break down your weapon and deliver the part we art to paint, etch, engrave, or wood-burn. 

Please, be prepared for your consultation by knowing what you would like us to build for you, dimensions for your build, and where you are having your piece shipped (if applicable). We also need to know if you have a shipping dock at the address where we are to deliver. 

Quoting Policy

Quotes are completed and sent within 24-48 Hours of our receipt of client inquiry. More complex quotes may take up to 72 hours. 

Quotes expire after 3 days without response and deposit payment clearance. Often, first quotes are discounted. If the first (discounted) quote goes without response and a second quote is requested, the second quote will depict the full price. 

Storage Policies 

You have 48 hours to respond and set up payment and a pickup/delivery date for all items. 

If you do not respond in this 48 hour period, you will be considered late and will incur a $100/day/item storage fee until items are picked up or set up with delivery. 

Item Outcomes 

Each custom item we create is a work of art. We follow client specifications exactly. If an item has an outcome that is not to our clients' liking, we will make our best attempt to satisfy the client if the issue the client has with the piece does not match or reflect their original specifications.

Nationwide Clients are responsible for knowing their project's exact dimensions if we are not on-site to take precise measurements

Clients are responsible for responding to updates, phone calls and emails during the completion of the project. Projects will not be revisited after completion if a client is unresponsive throughout the process. We will take creative control to meet our previously scheduled and agreed upon completion date/time.

Clients are responsible for auxiliary purchases or items that affect the funnctionality of the project we completed upon their commission.

i.e.: If we build you a custom bed and you request a high frame, you may not be able to purchase an adjustable mattress because it will place the surface where you sleep too high... Nearly to the ceiling. the dimensions will not allow the bed to be functional. If we tell you this and you purchase the mattress anyway, we are not liable for changes to your original request, and we would require payment to revisit the design. 

Permitting Policy

For large projects that require permits, the property owner is responsible for pulling the proper permits in their area. We will assist in any way possible. 

Contact and Update Policy 

We make a habit of reaching out to our clients when we start working on their project, and then once every1-2 weeks until completion. These updates are at the shop foreman's discretion, but are a service to each client. If you have not been updated and would like to know about your project, feel free to request photos. Photos will be sent within a 24-48 hour period at client request. 

Timing of Projects and Completion

Projects do not always fit within the estimated time scope that we assume in the beginning. Many different setbacks may occur, and to deliver the best product, we concern ourselves more with quality than any other controlling factor of our business. If we need more time, it is our responsibility to contact you and tell you why. We will reach out via phone, text, or email.  

Creative Control Policy 

If our Makers are given Creative Control, we will be responsible for the design and all factors involved with the making of the project. Clients are free to monitor, work with us, and give input, which we are obligated to follow during the design process... but once creative control is approved and exercised, we will not revisit the design to bring it to consumer specification. 

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Here's a step-by-step list of our client interaction procedures:

1. Inquiry

You can officially inquire about your custom item in a few ways.

-Complete an inquiry form here on our website.

-Call us at 813.765.4723 and inquire about our services.

-Schedule a Zoom Consultation on our booking page.

-Send us a Direct Message on any one of our social networking profiles. include your name, email, phone number, shipping zip code, and the custom item you're interested in having made.

Unless you schedule a Zoom via our booking site, we will respond to your inquiry by phone to set up a consultation.

2. Consultation

Consultations can be held in-person at our location, on-site, on Zoom, on Google hangouts for larger team meetings, or over the phone. We do charge for on-site consultations.

During Consultation we gather all your specific requests and information and compile a list of directives that will accomplish your design. We encourage you to bring all your example photos and ideas. 

We complete the design and quote, and once you approve the pricing and our understanding of your idea, we take your initial payment. 

If pricing is given during the consultation, our 3-day quote validity limit applies.

3.Initial Payment

Initial Payment on projects under $1,000 is payment in full. On all other projects, a deposit amount will show on the invoice as half of the full price. Once this Deposit is paid, this completes your initial payment. 

Once initial payment is complete, we will purchase all necessary materials for your project.

4.Materials Purchase

On our Custom Quote, we itemize your materials list. When we purchase materials for your project, we maintain a receipt log in your file. If we have to purchase more material than is mentioned in the quote, we will provide you with a heads-up prior to making the purchase, and include anything that exceeds your material amount in your receipt log you can settle the excess balance with your final payment. 

Clients can choose to upgrade materials prior to the Materials purchase. any upgrades after materials purchase is at the Craftsman's discretion, and may change the pricing of the project. 

5. Weekly Updates

We know you want to check in on your project every once in awhile to see how its coming along. We go live  on social platforms, and if we're going live while in the process of completing your project, we send you an invite. in addition, we send weekly picture and video updates of your project's progress during the timeframe it is being actively worked on. We also send you any designs we create on our CAD system to get your approval, all the way through to completion.

6.Completion Confirmation

Once your project is complete, we send you an email alert of its completion, including staging photos and video. We follow up with a phone call to ensure everything is to your liking. It should be exactly what you wanted, since we've worked with you through each part of the process. We send the final invoice after we have Confirmed with you that your item is complete. 

7. Shipping, Delivery, and Final Payment

If you are a local client, and you have confirmed that your piece is complete, your final payment is required upon pickup/delivery. If you are a Nationwide Shipping client, you are required to pay your final payment before your piece is shipped out. If you'll need a little longer to pay your final balance, please see our storage policy.

Pricing, Payment, Policies and Procedures: Text


We would love to create your next custom piece. Tell us about it in this form and we will be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

Pricing, Payment, Policies and Procedures: Price Quote
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